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Pizza Courier Bags

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    Trying to find a cool but practical bag in which to carry your bits and bobs isn't easy in this day and age. Trendy rucksacks are all well and good, but they tend to make you look like a tourist or, worse still, a Bill Oddie-style outdoorsy type. And those swish laptop holdalls are a tad corporate for all you funky guys and gals about town. So why don't you get yourself a Pizza Courier Bag? Do not adjust your screen, we said Pizza Courier Bag!

    Pizza Courier Bags Based on the original courier-bags used by American pizza delivery bods, these funky receptacles are set to become the containers of choice for style savvy bag-lovers across the globe. Crafted from high quality materials by our cutting-edge friends at UrbanAccess, Pizza Courier Bags are more 'street' than a ton of tarmac and even funkier than a funky train en route to Funkyville via the Grand Funk Railroad.

    On the menu: Pizza Courier Bags
    Pizza Courier Bags Put together using laser cut technology and emblazoned with a selection of ultra-cool, city-based embroidered designs, Pizza Courier Bags are packaged in original pizza-style boxes complete with greaseproof paper. That said, they're not really suitable for carrying Sloppy Giuseppe's to work - unless you want your paperwork spattered with pureed peppers.

    Pizza Courier Bags In terms of looks and functionality Pizza Courier Bags really are the dog's doodly bits; you can wear them slung over one shoulder or across your bod, trendy graphic designer-style. And unlike some 'fashion' bags these eye-catching classics are built to last and seriously versatile. They're perfect for your daily commute, trips to the beach, nights on the town - whatever.

    Best of all, in the battle of bag one-upmanship (of course it exists) Pizza Courier Bags are destined to reign supreme, simply because they're unlike anything else out there. So get a pizza the action (boom-boom) and order while stocks last.

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