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    Everyone knows that digital images are composed of pixels. If you enlarged the screen you're looking at right now you'd see row upon row of the little blighters. But who says you need a PC to play with pixels? Not us, because thanks to PixelBlocks you can create quirky 3D shapes and stunning 2D 'digital' images anywhere you like - you don't even need a screen.

    PixelBlocks And before you ask, no, we haven't created some WonkaVision-style ray gun that zaps you into the energized phosphor (although that would be good). What we have done is discover PixelBlocks, tiny translucent plastic building blocks that slot together to form shapes, images and a whole lot more in-between.


    Rainbow-like assortment of colours

    Just like proper pixels these ingenious single-shape cubes come in loads of different colours. A nifty peg/hole system allows you to stack PixelBlocks top to bottom and a unique tooth/groove combination means you can interlink them sideways.
    PixelBlocks PixelBlocks PixelBlocks

    Side Lock

    Peg and Hole

    Half Lock

    Creating your own graphical gobsmackers is easy with PixelBlocks: boxy buildings, quirky vehicles, contemporary critters, or even pixellated favourites such as the Space Invader and pre-watershed winkie. The only limit is your imagination! But that's just for starters, because the real fun begins when you use PixelBlocks to create 2D images.


    Thanks to the rainbow of colours in each PixelBlocks set you can replicate photos in a sort of hi-tech jigsaw-styley. But if you don't fancy scrutinizing every dot of the original piccy yourself, the PixelBlocks Digital Stained Glass Creator will do it for you. Simply upload your favourite image to the PixelBlocks website and they'll send back a PDF template. All you have to do is, er, join the dots. The finished creation resembles glittering stained glass and makes a stunningly original piece of artwork.


    Whether you're fiddling about aimlessly or assembling a complex masterpiece, the creative possibilities are truly endless with PixelBlocks. We guarantee you'll be captivated, fascinated and absolutely pixellated.

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