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Pix and Stix
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Pix and Stix

Widdle and wallop your iPad

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    detail of drum sticks

    Soft conductive rubber drumstick so tap away at your iPad worry free

    Strumming away on your beloved iPad with a plectrum sounds pretty daft. Walloping it with drumsticks sounds like sheer lunacy. But rock ‘n’ roll is no place for the sensible. And neither is Firebox. So bang your head and do that silly two-finger devil horn thing as we introduce Pix and Stix.

    Designed for iPadders who fancy rocking out with GarageBand, Pix and Stix comprises a pair of soft electro-conductive rubber drumsticks and an accompanying pick, so you can bash out beats and widdle away on your iPad’s touchscreen without damaging it. Yes, really. Your fingertips will love you for it. And believe it or not you won’t look half as silly as you do fingering strings and tapping toms minus accessories.

    Different colours available

    3 colours available (from L-R): Black, Blue & Yellow

    Perfectly balanced, these rubbery peripherals make messing about on GarageBand more fun than ever and they’ll allow you to do things you never thought possible as you strum and drum your way to rock immortality. Just make sure you don’t impale the cat as you attempt a Tommy Lee twirl or swallow the plectrum when you do that pick-on-the-end-of the-tongue/come hither finger move. Rock!

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