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Pistachio Nut Serving Bowls
  • Pistachio Nut Serving Bowls
  • Pistachio Nut Serving Bowls
  • Pistachio Nut Serving Bowls

Pistachio Nut Serving Bowls

Worth shelling out for

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  • Uncanny resemblance to a real pistachio nut
  • Much easier to open
  • Ingenious design: Serve nuts in one half; discard shells in the other
  • Also great for olives, cherries, sweets and anything else that fits
  • All the fun of the pistachio without the agony of opening them


Picture the scene. You’re sitting around with pals, putting the world to rights, and you decide it’s time for some lush, fresh pistachios, served in your amazing Pistachio Nut Serving Bowl set. What a glorious idea. Nuts in one side. Shells in the other. All hail the pistachio nut.

Suddenly everyone starts cracking into the nuts, gorging, scrapping for the next one. It’s a pistachio frenzy. Madness is in the air. There’s something bonding about it though. Not just the eating and violence, but the cracking open of the shells. Digging the nails in. Some are trickier than others to open but every nut removed from its shell seems to taste better and better. Some are impossible to open so are mercilessly discarded like unexploded nutrient grenades . Most are devoured though. Their husks collecting politely and tidily.

But here’s the thing: shelled pistachios just cannot be rushed. Sit back, crack open another pack and let the frenzy continue. Suck on a few salty shells and wait for the next wave. Pour another drink. Simply enjoy how stunningly realistic the bowls look and how perfectly they complement your life. Your nut fuelled tidy life.

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  • "Great product, my nuts taste even better!!"
    Janet - 29th of September, 2015