Pint Shot Glasses
  • Pint Shot Glasses

Pint Shot Glasses

Pint size? Not exactly

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    Pint Shot Glasses

    You know what they say about guys with big hands? ...Tiny glasses!

    Don’t worry, the bureaucrats in Brussels haven’t been messing with our measures. And no, our model hasn’t got freakishly large hands. You’re looking at Pint Shot Glasses. Three, two, one…your round!

    Fashioned to resemble the nation’s favourite drinking vessel, each expertly crafted glass is a masterpiece of miniaturisation (sort of). Simply fill with your liquor of choice and it’s down the hatch in one, mini pint-styley.

    Pint Shot Glasses

    Four pints of your finest shots please

    Alternatively, fill ‘em with lager and present guests with the stingiest ‘pints’ in history. ‘My round? No worries!’ At least you can say you sank ten pints without going to the loo or collapsing. With four glasses per pack, Pint Shot Glasses will add a suitably daft twist to all manner of boozy soiree, from Brit-themed dinner parties and pub landlord drinking games to curry evenings for gnomes. Make ours a pint.

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