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Pinnacle Video Transfer
  • Pinnacle Video Transfer

Pinnacle Video Transfer

Connect, convert, and watch. It's easy-no PC!

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    Pinnacle Video Transfer

    Record TV straight to your iPod

    Wouldn't it be dandy if you could record stuff straight from a telly, camcorder, DVD player or VCR and dump it directly on to an iPod, PSP or flash stick? With the miraculous little Pinnacle PVT you can do exactly that at the touch of a button. No computers or pesky software required. Unbelievable!

    Three Easy Steps:
    Pinnacle Video Transfer

    Plug in any video source

    Insert any USB storage device


    Believe it or not this idiot-proof box of tricks captures any type of analogue video and transfers it to your favourite USB-friendly gadget in pristine MPEG-4 format. Simply hook it up to your source machine, set the picture quality, press record and gawp in amazement as the Pinnacle works its magic.

    Pinnacle Video Transfer

    Analogue signal to digial file without a computer!

    Pinnacle Video Transfer
    Armed with this pocket-sized gizmo you can back up holiday vids on a memory stick for safe keeping/transfer to PC, record TV shows in real time and watch them on your iPod, or digitize dusty VHS tapes and laugh at Jimmy Hill's pointy beard as you watch old episodes of Match of the Day on your PSP. You can even transfer gaming sessions from your console of choice. As if all that wasn't enough, the Pinnacle also recharges your storage device's battery as it re-jigs all that lovely video. It's quick, simple and utterly brilliant.

    Inputs / Outputs:
    Pinnacle Video Transfer

    If you're wondering how the spamheads at Pinnacle managed to cram all this one-touch conversion technology into such an itty-bitty box, keep wondering - we've no idea. What we do know is this is one of the greatest bits of electronic jiggery pokery ever created. Once the audio/video RCA leads are connected even a really stupid monkey could operate it. Granted, there are only so many episodes of Baboons Do the Funniest Things worth digitizing but that's not the point.

    Video Quality:
    Pinnacle Video Transfer

    Good Quality
    iPod: 320x240 512kbps
    PSP: 320x240 512kbps
    USB: 320x240 768kbps

    Better Quality
    iPod: 320x240 768kbps
    PSP: 320x240 768kbps
    USB: 640x480 1.2Mbps

    Best Quality
    iPod: 640x480 1.2Mbps
    PSP: 320x240 1Mbps
    USB: 720x576 1.5Mbps

    If you've got square eyes and a video-playing gizmo we strongly recommend you purchase a Pinnacle PVT pronto. If you haven't we still recommend you buy one sharpish, because as well as being a triumph of one-touch technology this ingenious device is nifty enough to convert virtually anyone (and anything).

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