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Pinnacle SoundBridge HomeMusic

The house is alive with the sound of (digital) music!

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    Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic

    Control screen

    You have to feel sorry for that flashy stereo system sitting in your living room. Not because it's gathering dust but because all your decent music is trapped inside your computer. And the only things poor Mr Stereo gets to play with nowadays are old CDs and the odd cassette you find down the back of the sofa. A shame, as your stereo probably has a set of speakers that make the ones on your computer sound like tinny tins from Tinnyville. And that goes for the other stereos around your house
    as well.

    So wouldn't it be good if you could wirelessly stream your digital music anywhere in the house? With the idiot-proof Pinnacle SoundBridge HomeMusic you can do exactly that and more. This stylish box of tricks is a wireless network music player that connects to your stereo or powered speakers via your Wi-Fi network. Perfect for music lovers bored with boogie-ing in front of the computer!

    Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic

    Remote controlled

    Easy-peasy to set up, the HomeMusic is fully plug and play - no wiring required. Even your gran could do it (although she might have problems working out where her rollers go). And if you're one of those trendy Mac-types you don't even need a router because your fancypants Apple will beam tunes directly into the
    HomeMusic. Cor!

    As well as setting your digital library free, this unobtrusive gizmo will also stream internet radio around the house, so you can listen to disco from Delhi, metal from Moldova and weather reports from West Drayton. And if you get bored of all this beaming business you can shove a memory card into the rear of the HomeMusic and listen to the files on that.

    Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic

    Selecting tunes couldn't be easier: simply navigate through your playlists using the HomeMusic's LED display and chic remote control. No trip to your computer required. If you're worried about compatibility, worry not. The HomeMusic works with nearly every popular media platform and plays directly from iTunes.

    Impressed? You should be because the Pinnacle SoundBridge HomeMusic is probably the best thing to happen to your digital library since you deleted that album by Stefan Dennis. So get ordering and set your tunes loose around the hoose.

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