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Pink Puff Nail Varnish Holder
  • Pink Puff Nail Varnish Holder

Pink Puff Nail Varnish Holder

Nailing it 💅



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Pink Puff Nail Varnish Holder
Love it as much as we do?
  • Nail polish holder for easy nail painting at home or on the go
  • Look ma, no spills!
  • Fits any bottle of nail polish, even those fat Chanel ones
  • Lightweight and portable, but sturdy and secure
  • Seriously, this makes it so much easier


Getting your nails done is pricey. Plus, between us and you, salons often water down the nail polish. What’s a bare-nailed guy or gal to do? 😩

Woman up and paint them your damn self like a responsible adult, that’s what. Stick your nail polish in one of these and get to werk on the best self-paintjob you’ve ever done. Finally, you’ll be able to concentrate on not splodging it all over your cuticle beds now that you don’t need to worry about spilling the bottle.

You don’t even need a table anymore. Do it in bed. Do it on the floor. Do it on the sofa, on the bus, or in the park. Do it in the middle of a damn earthquake. A whole world of mani-pedi possibilities just opened up and welcomed you in. Who are you to say no to convenient, perfect fingertips forever?

Salon-level manicures without dripping nail polish all over your hardwood floor and losing your rent deposit? Sounds good to us.

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  • "I bought this item after watching a demonstration on one of the shopping channels."
    Sam - 12th of April, 2018