Pineapple Ring Pool Float
  • Pineapple Ring Pool Float
  • Pineapple Ring Pool Float

Pineapple Ring Pool Float

This sh*t is ananas

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Pineapple Ring Pool Float
Love it as much as we do?
  • Float away on the sweetest inflatable fruit
  • Blow up pineapple pool toy
  • Simply inflate and float!
  • Instant relaxation, all you need is a large body of water
  • Not sticky like an actual pineapple, thankfully


Lie back, relax. It’s warm, the sun is high in the cloudless sky and you don’t have a care in the world beyond what the all inclusive buffet will be offering tonight. You can almost feel the vitamin D nourishing your cells. You have an icy Fanta lemon in hand. And you’re floating on a giant pineapple.

Don’t just dream it, you could BE there! Just buy this, hop on a plane, blow it up and lie back for all of those silly problems to float away as you completely unwind.

Turn even the grottiest paddling pool into a tropical paradise with just a few breaths. Inflatable pool floats are magic and should count as therapy, THAT’s how blissed out you’ll be after a go on this pretty pineapple.

And you won’t even re-stress when it comes to deflating as it sorts itself out in record time thanks to the handy little air valve. So, you’ve got no excuses.

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