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Pineapple Lamp
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  • Pineapple Lamp

Pineapple Lamp

Glow your own

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  • Light up your room with a fresh, juicy pineapple
  • Adorn your home with the universal symbol of summer fun times
  • Battery powered so you can pop it anywhere you like
  • Did you know it takes 3 years to grow a Pineapple!? 3 Years!!


Pineapples. Are. Everywhere.

It's taken a while, but this prickly miracle of nature is finally getting the respect it deserves. Once just a humble piece of fruit, now a powerful symbol of summer sun and good times; adorning clothing, jewellery, shoes and home decor across the land.

Welcome this tropical trend into your home and light up your life with the Pineapple Lamp.

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  • "Brilliant .... Aha do do do buy this pineapple!"
    Jo - 11th of November, 2016