Pineapple Ghost Chilli Sweets
  • Pineapple Ghost Chilli Sweets

Pineapple Ghost Chilli Sweets

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    Can you handle the hotness?!

    Pineapples can be prickly devils to handle but inside they’re sweet, juicy and delicious. Or at least they were until Pineapple Ghost Chilli Sweets came along. Because these delectable candies have been packed with enough heat to make them as prickly on the tongue as pineapples are in your hand.

    How could spicy chilli work with pineapple? Well the bhut jolokia (or ghost chilli as it’s also known), is not only the world’s hottest chilli, it also has a slight citrussy flavour. This makes it perfect in both sweet and savoury recipes. Don’t believe us? Try one of these fruity beauties yourself and you’ll be pleasantly surprised (and a bit sweaty).
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