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Pinball Master

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    If your pad isn’t quite up to Cribs standard, you’ll be lacking the rooftop hot tub, the bathroom bling and the five Bentleys in the drive, and you certainly won’t have a games room with your own pinball machine, you poor thing, you. But thanks to the new Pinball Master tabletop game, you don’t need an MTV mansion to play this awesomely addictive game at home!

    The Pinball Master is as authentic as it gets, with an automatic scoring panel, double flipper control, spring action bumpers and electronic scoring noises! Just thrust the steel balls off the five central bumpers and battle to avoid the danger zones – they’ll even light up and reverberate with intergalactic ‘ZAPS’ and ‘POWS’ as you smash the ball and strike them.


    This isn't a small machine!

    Just like the real thing, this scaled down version is perfect for tabletop tournaments and makes a great gift for fans of the quick-fire classic game! Play the Pinball Master solo to beat your personal best, or challenge your competitors to a Pinball Playoff to test your tabletop skills. For serious pinball wizards, set the number of goes you want to allocate for each play – choose between one and three and the ball will be released the number of times you choose. And with all this for under £25, you really can’t lose!

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