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Pimp Your Prosecco
  • Pimp Your Prosecco
  • Pimp Your Prosecco
  • Pimp Your Prosecco
  • Pimp Your Prosecco

Pimp Your Prosecco

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Pimp Your Prosecco
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  • The perfect partner to prosecco
  • Grow your own complimentary 100% organic garnishes
  • Contains everything you need to grow strawberries, violets, thyme and tarragon
  • Just add a little bit of water!
  • The only way to improve a glass of bubbly


Garish garnish? Ooh, don’t think so. Prosecco is too classy to be pawned off with cocktail umbrellas and boring old sugar.

Enjoy a superior (pimped out, if you will) glass of bubbly with a delightfully complimentary organic garnish. It’s ridiculously easy to use and contains everything you need to get your greenfingers on - aside from a bit of water, but we know you’ve got that covered.

Discover the majesty of strawberry, violet, thyme and tarragon in combination with your favourite fizz. Once you’ve had a glass with these expertly chosen homegrown herbs, you’ll never go garnishless again.

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  • "Totally awesome ... this is how to get coolest-auntie points even at a distance of 400+ miles!!! Brilliant gift :) "
    - 9th of June, 2019