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Pillow Notebook
  • Pillow Notebook
  • Pillow Notebook

Pillow Notebook

Breath life into it

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  • You snooze you most definitely do not lose
  • This handy notebook doubles up as a comfy pillow
  • Breath life into your work, literally
  • Blow it up and nap on it
  • Snooze comfortably wherever you go
  • Deflates spectacularly easily


Pulled a naughty all-nighter? Famished on the tube after a hard day's grind? Just really, really lazy? Nabbing 40 winks has never been easier thanks to the Pillow Notebook.

Next time you're all tuckered out after a hefty brainstorm session give your notebook a close, blow it up and have a bloomin' nap on it.

If you're feebly attempting to survive the day and craving a doze, just blow into your notebook and voila - you have a deliriously comfortable pillow upon which to lay your weary head.

Wherever you are, tube, bus, another mode of transport - the Pillow Notebook is the ultimate way to ensure comfort on the go. Once you're done snoozing, simply deflate your cosy headrest and slip it neatly way into your bag.

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