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Piggy Bank Puzzle
  • Piggy Bank Puzzle

Piggy Bank Puzzle

Handle with care

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    Successfully gluing things back together can be highly therapeutic, nay strangely entertaining. But deliberately breaking stuff just so you can fix it seems a tad excessive, wouldn't you say? Thankfully the makers of the Piggy Bank Puzzle have already smashed it to smithereens so you don't have to.

    Piggy Bank Puzzle

    Lots of pieces


    Nearly there


    Aaand done!

    Piggy Bank Puzzle

    Build it and they will save

    Yes, this really is a broken piggy bank that you glue back together. But the ingenious Piggy Bank Puzzle hasn't been smashed up willy-nilly; nor has it been broken into identical pieces by some computer-controlled sledge-hammer. This impossibly cute ceramic oinker has been hand-broken and placed inside a transparent presentation pot for your reassembling pleasure. All you have to do is get busy with the glue.

    Of course it's entirely possible that some cheeky chancer simply dropped a crate of piggy banks and had a rather good idea. But we doubt it because the pieces of each Piggy Bank Puzzle fit together extremely neatly once you've sussed out where they go.

    Piggy Bank Puzzle

    Add glue


    Piece together


    Build a piggy!

    Piggy Bank Puzzle
    If all this sounds about as entertaining as gluing a smashed piggy bank together, fear not. The second you start working out what piece goes where, you'll be totally hooked and desperate to reconstruct your porcine pal. And as well as an overwhelming sense of achievement, you'll have a gloriously kitsch piggy bank in which to save your shrapnel.

    So hit Buy, pronto. The Piggy Bank Puzzle is a seriously original pressie for anyone who likes challenges, fiddling with glue and staring at decorative ceramic pigs. And that's just about everyone, isn't it? Oink!

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