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Picture Puzzle

    Picture Puzzle

    Guaranteed to leave you in pieces.

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      Ordering is easy! Simply add a Picture Puzzle to your basket, pay at the checkout and then email your photo to We will send you a reminder email that you can reply to if you wish.

      If a picture paints a thousand words, why are you reading this? Surely you'd be better off just looking at the accompanying photos. Then again, if you did that, you wouldn't be able to read this fabulously engrossing description of our latest photo-based plaything. That said, we must confess in writing that gawping at photos is an integral part of everyday life, especially when they're of you or your loved ones. With this in mind, may we proudly present the brilliantly simple Picture Puzzle.

      Picture Puzzle - photo

      The concept is earth-shatteringly straightforward – just send us a snapshot (300dpi, 6" x 4" JPEG) and before you can say: 'The first jigsaw puzzle was produced around 1760 by John Spilsbury, a London engraver and mapmaker,' we'll send you a neat presentation box containing a high quality, 274-piece jigsaw puzzle (measuring 381 x 254mm) of the piccy in question.

      If anyone's wondering why we can't accept standard 35mm pics or negs, may we strongly suggest you switch off your 8-Track, get in your Sinclair C5 and renew your subscription to Last Century News. Failing that, have a look at our extensive selection of digital cameras before you log off.

      Picture Puzzle - face

      Picture Puzzles make great gifts, and when it comes to subject matter the only limit is your imagination (well, almost – no filth please). Just think of the fun you'll have putting yourself, your friends or even your lovers back together. We recently spent several fun-filled hours putting a Firebox group shot together – unfortunately it remains incomplete, as someone who shall remain anonymous seems to have pilfered the piece featuring their own inadvertently gurning phizog. Kids these days...

      Picture Puzzles are perfect for countless occasions and make interesting desktop decorations, complete or not. So send for one soon – it'll leave you in pieces, guaranteed.

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