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Picture Keeper
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Picture Keeper

Fuss free photo management

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    Strange though it may seem, there are still lots of people who can’t use computers. They can probably manage to find the on/off button, but anything more is a challenge; and who can blame them? At the pace it’s going, you’d have to be a long-legged Jamaican in lycra to even stand a chance of keeping up with technology.


    All those scanned photos, sitting somewhere in your computer...

    PPlugged in via USB

    Picture Keeper will back them up...


    where-ever you have filed them

    With this in mind, we bring you the Picture Keeper – simple name, simple concept – perfect for grandparents, technophobes and the recently lapsed Amish folks.

    Woman using the Picture Keeper

    It's so easy

    No installation is required, so you can simply insert the Picture Keeper into a USB port on any computer and click ‘Start Backup’ from the pop-up menu. The internal software will scan and save all of your pictures, cleverly avoiding duplicates and store them in easy to manage folders, meaning any future back-ups will be even quicker.

    With the potential to store thousands of images and a simple setup process, you’ll never have to worry about losing your favourite photos to viruses, theft or inexplicable ignorance ever again.

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