Picoz Insecta Helicopter
  • Picoz Insecta Helicopter

Picoz Insecta Helicopter

Heli-insect hybrid

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    Insecta RC Chopper

    Fits in your hand!

    What do you get when you cross an ultra-manoeuvrable palm-size infra-red helicopter with an insect? Stumped? You should be because Insecta is unlike any other flying gizmo around. Well okay, technically it's almost identical to the best-selling PicoZ Micro Helicopter. The difference is this sinister-looking whirlybird resembles some kind of alien robo-bug. How cool is that?

    Insecta RC Chopper

    Glowing eyes

    With its big glowing eyes, bug-ish legs, LED strobe light, colourful camouflaged body and membranous X-rotors, the rechargeable Insecta looks as if it's just flown out of a sci-fi movie or the twisted mind of a comic book creator. Indeed you might feel like wearing your pants outside your tights every time you take to the skies. Or not.

    Insecta RC Chopper

    Also available in blue or green!

    Insecta RC Chopper

    Remote controlled

    Perfect for indoor flights, this titchy, ready-to-fly gizmo is controlled via a twin channel, wide-beam infra-red transmitter that also serves as a charger for its lightweight lithium battery. Once you get to grips with the controls you'll be conducting flights from the comfort of your desk or sofa every waking hour. It really is hideously addictive. And in terms of insect-related entertainment it makes splatting wasps and watching bluebottles headbutt the window seem positively dull.

    Constructed from robust polypropylene foam, Insecta is incredibly durable (handy for novices!) and it might even withstand a direct hit from a rolled-up newspaper. Not that you'll need to worry about that because an ingenious auto-stability system makes evading attackers easy. In fact, after a few flights you'll discover that piloting this triumph of micro technology is a doddle.

    Insecta RC Chopper

    Open the hidden compartment

    take out the charger cable

    plug in and charge your Insecta!

    Whether you're a helicopter fan, an insect fan or you just love mean-looking choppers, we guarantee you're gonna go gaga over Insecta. Pass the bug spray!

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