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PicoZ TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper
  • PicoZ TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

PicoZ TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

Novices need not apply

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    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper LED headlight

    Blue (Channel C): Cool LED headlight!

    You can never have too much of a good thing. And that's just as well because we can't get enough of all these micro RC choppers. But just when we thought we'd seen 'em all, in woka-wokas the small but mighty TandemZ-1. Based on the awesome Sea Knight tandem rotor helicopter, this is the undisputed daddy of micro 'copters, yet it's still only 17cm long.

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper in cammo

    New Camo (available in all channels): The undisputed daddy of micro 'copters!

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper control cap for beginners

    Control cap for beginners!

    Although the Tandem is too titchy to carry troops or heavy artillery, it's more than capable of lifting your spirits (groan!) as it aka-aka-aka's around the room. And that's no surprise because this is the world's first twin-rotor micro chopper. It's more fun than a Sea Knight load of fun things from Funville.

    Just like its single rotor siblings, the Tandem is charged via a dual purpose infra red transmitter. But that's where the similarities end, because twin rotors require all sorts of technical jiggery-pokery in order to work effectively.

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper colourr
    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper IR Transmitter

    Orange (Channel A) and Red (Channel B) versions available too!

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

    IR Transmitter

    For starters the Tandem utilises 3 channels (for up, down, forward and backward movement) and a dual trim system (for pitch and yaw), so novice pilots need not apply. It also boasts a sophisticated gyroscopic mechanism plus unique tilting rotors for additional control. Piloting this baby makes patting your head and rubbing your tummy whilst playing the xylophone with your feet seem about as difficult as pulling down your pants. And that's what makes it so addictive.

    Trimming the helicopter:

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

    If helicopter is in a spiral anti-clockwise...

    or it is turning anti-clockwise...

    turn the Yaw trimmer gently till turning stops

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

    If the helicopter is moving forwards or...

    moving backwards...

    make it hover still by gently moving the Pitch trimmer

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

    Transparent stabiliser

    Don't despair if you're inexperienced in the flying department because the Tandem comes with a pair of transparent blades that act as training aids. Just clip them on the front and rear of the fuselage when you're learning. Think of them as stabilisers minus the stigma. Once you get the hang of things you can bin them and flit around your home or office pretending you're delivering a vital payload to the coffee table via the treacherous ceiling fan. (We really must get out more).

    Despite its powerful double rotors, the Tandem should fly for around 10 minutes from a normal charge of 20-25 minutes. That gives you more than enough time to dream up suitably daft scenarios for every flight. So get ordering - we're off to transport some troops to the broom cupboard.

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

    Charge the TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper via the IR transmitter

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