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PicoZ SkyBot Attack
  • PicoZ SkyBot Attack

PicoZ SkyBot Attack

Flying robot, 11 o’clock!

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    SkyBot hovering

    How long before the other SkyBot shoots him down?

    If you thought the boffins behind the current array of flying playthings had reached their creative peak, you thought wrong. Skybot Attack doesn’t just push the envelope, it posts it to an alternate future and reconstructs it using mad science and all kinds of fantastic technology.

    This incredible battle set features twin-channel cyber-warriors capable of shooting each other out of the sky with well-placed infra-red blasts. Score a direct hit and your rival’s rotors will cut out, causing it to plummet to earth. Or Mars, or Tharg, or whatever other planet you’re pretending to fight for. Think miniature Transformers with heli-packs and phasers and you’re halfway there. Robot wars? Not half!

    You control your rechargeable robot with a nifty transmitter that doubles up as a charger. Simply plug in for around 20 minutes and your Skybot will fly forwards, backwards, left and right, buzzing about for around five minutes – more than enough time to conduct a full on laser ding dong above the conference table.

    Holding the SkyBot Preparing the propellors Using the remote control

    SkyBots at the ready...

    Put the propellors in a "T" formation...

    send them skywards for a fight!

    The Attack button on the remote control

    The attack button on the shoulder of the remote control

    You won’t have to hum macho theme tunes as you battle it out because each Skybot plays cinematic background music when activated. You’ll also hear a sound effect every time you press your controller’s attack button.

    Charging a SkyBot via the remote control

    Charge up via your remote control

    Talking of all things cinematic, should film makers decide to make a mash up movie involving Transformers, Robocop and a slew of Japanese mecha characters, it still wouldn’t be as entertaining as Skybot Attack, because waging infra-red aerial warfare takes real strategy and genuine flying skill.

    We think Skybot Attack is one of the coolest robot-related flying oojamiflips we’ve ever seen. Actually it’s the only robot-related flying oojamiflip we’ve ever seen. And if that’s not a great reason for ordering, we don’t know what is. ‘Help, I’m going down!’

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