PicoZ Micro Helicopter
  • PicoZ Micro Helicopter

PicoZ Micro Helicopter

Small chopper, big fun

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    PicoZ Micro Helicopter Pedals, joysticks, flight manuals, Bruno Brookes style leather blousons...it's a right rigmarole flying a chopper, isn't it? Well no, not if you buy the amazing PicoZ Micro Helicopter.

    PicoZ Micro Helicopter Ready-to-fly straight out the box, this palm-sized IR flying machine is perfect for indoor flights. And it won't blow off the boss's toupee or decapitate the dog, even in a head-on collision, as it's only 17cm long and weighs a mere 10g. More importantly it won't fall to bits, as it's constructed from robust polypropylene foam.

    PicoZ Micro Helicopter You control the airborne action via a twin channel, wide-beam infra-red transmitter that doubles up as a charger. With a range of up to 30ft, you'll soon be conducting hush-hush raids on distant enemy desks and, thanks to the Pico's eerie blue strobe light, putting the willies up the late shift. Just make sure you don't hum the music to Magnum whilst doing so - it's a dead giveaway!

    PicoZ Micro Helicopter

    Unlike the whopping great petrol-driven choppers of yesteryear, the Pico's powerful micro motors are powered by a lightweight lithium polymer battery, giving flight times of up to 10 minutes from a half hour charge. More than enough to harass housemates and buzz the budgie. Indeed, when it comes to manoeuvrability, this nifty chopper is the canine's cojones. And that's down to an ingenious auto-stability system which makes flying the Pico a doddle.

    PicoZ Micro Helicopter

    We guarantee you'll be utterly addicted to this titchy triumph of micro technology before you can say 'Jan Michael Vincent' (whippersnappers get Googling), and the whole indoor flight angle adds a thrilling new dimension to proceedings. Open spaces? Who need 'em!

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