PicoZ Heli Mission
  • PicoZ Heli Mission

PicoZ Heli Mission

Truck, chopper, chopper, truck

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    The R/C Truck opening up to reveal the helicopter deck

    Look what just rode into town!

    Prepare to plop your eyeballs back in their sockets, sweep up the shattered remnants of your fallen jaw and wring out your soggy undies – the astonishing PicoZ Heli-Mission has just thundered into Firebox HQ. Truly awesome, this groundbreaking R/C mash up combines the thrill of helicopter flight with the excitement of driving a SWAT truck. Wow!

    It might look like a stealthy brute of a vehicle – and it is – but this macho truck features a cavernous cargo bay that opens up, upon your command, to reveal a fully-functioning micro helicopter sitting on an auto-elevating launchpad. Incredible! It’s like Thunderbirds meets Airwolf with a highly Hasselhoffian touch of 80s folly thrown in for good measure.

    The smart shoulder button

    Smart shoulder button on the remote

    Both precision-engineered machines are controlled via a single transmitter with smart shoulder buttons that allow you to switch seamlessly between truck and chopper. This means you can drive into disaster areas and release your tri-channel whirlybird without laying a finger on either vehicle. That said, you might feel compelled to stroke them in admiration, especially when the truck’s lights and sirens start up, and its cargo doors swing open. What the…?

    Holding the IR Remote Control The helicopter flying Flashing lights on the R/C truck

    Switch between the helicopter and truck with ease!


    Flashing lights!

    Charging the helicopter via the remote control

    Charge via the remote

    Once airborne you can take advantage of your ultra lightweight chopper’s auto stability system as you hover over dead Power Rangers and confuse the hell out of the cat. When you run out of juice simply recharge via the remote. The whole thing is so outlandish we wouldn’t be surprised if Devon Miles was behind it. Well okay, we would, because the PicoZ Heli Mission is brought to you by Silverlit, leading purveyors of high quality R/C gizmos.

    If all this talk of high-tech trucks, auto-elevating platforms, sirens, lights and magnificent flying machines doesn’t get you humming the theme to some 80s teatime nonsense and hitting the Buy button in frenzied anticipation, we can only assume you don’t like gob-smacking playthings. So why are you on this site? Go on, clear off before we send out our Heli Mission to get you.

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