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Pico Genie Portable Mini Screen
  • Pico Genie Portable Mini Screen

Pico Genie Portable Mini Screen

Roll up, roll up!

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    Diagram showing mechanic behind the screen

    Just pull up into place

    Thank goodness garish wallpaper is no longer in vogue because it plays havoc with movies when you’re projecting them on the wall. But even if your walls are whiter than white and smoother than a baby’s botty you still can’t beat a quality screen upon which to fling your projections.

    Available in three sizes, the lightweight Pico Genie Portable Miniscreen is ideal for anyone who owns a fancy pants pocket projector. Simply pull it up and it automatically holds its position, a bit like a blind in reverse. When you’re finished just slide it shut and pop it back in its carry case. It’s like owning your very own cinema, only you get to choose what’s playing. ‘Mum’s Birthday Party will be followed by a late screening of Idiotic Stag Night Shenanigans 2 in the sitting room.’

    Yes, you could aim your projector at the wall and hope for the best, but with images getting sharper by the minute who wants to watch a holiday vid full of bumps and cracks? Don’t answer that.

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