Pico Genie A100 iPhone Projector
  • Pico Genie A100 iPhone Projector

Pico Genie A100 iPhone Projector

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    angle view of projector

    Project your videos anywhere

    What’s more important in a mobile phone: portability or a massive screen? Choose something small and portable and say goodbye to watching exciting stuff like movies, videos, holiday snaps and more. Choose a big screen and you’ll struggle to get the darn thing in your pocket. It’s a dilemma.

    So what do you do? Well, you could always buy bigger trousers. Or if you have an iPhone, you could clip it into the super slim Pico Genie A100 iPhone Projector. This clever oojimaflip is more than just a tough case for your precious mobile – it’s also a powerful projector, speaker and back-up battery in one.

    product features front and back
    So forget passing your phone around to share photos with your friends. Just splash them across the nearest wall! With a spectacular 60” viewing area it’s the ultimate way to view your snaps. Not to mention browsing the net, reading documents, playing games and watching videos. The A100 will boost the sound so the whole room can hear and project whatever is on your iPhone’s screen for up to three hours between charges.

    Speaking of which, the A100’s Li-Ion battery will also extend the life of your iPhone’s battery. Just switch it on and it’ll instantly begin to refuel your mobile – pretty handy when you’re on a long call or lost in the wilderness.

    product controls on the side

    With USB cable for charging

    Charge via USB

    Thanks to this clever gizmo you can enjoy a humungous screen and a pocket-sized gadget all at the same time. So there is absolutely no reason to be wearing those dungarees. Yes we know they have big pockets. Put them back in the wilderness where you found them.

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