Pi Shower Curtain
  • Pi Shower Curtain

Pi Shower Curtain

The magic numbers

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    Pi Shower Curtain

    Ah yes, it's 3.1415...

    Maths is cool. Just ask Stephen Hawking. Or if you can’t bear the way he’s gone Hollywood with that phoney American accent, try Carol Vorderman. The point is numbers, sums and formulae rock. Well they do when they’re plastered across bathroom accessories. Witness the bafflingly brilliant Pi Shower Curtain.

    Set to cause a splash (not), this stylish EVA shower curtain (that’s Ethylene Vinyl Acetate for all you non-spamhead divvies) is a study in geek chic as it is adorned with the Greek symbol for Pi – you know, 3.142, the number that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Or something like that. Hiding your modesty whilst simultaneously showing the world you’re nuts has never been easier.

    Translucent Pi Shower Curtain


    But wait, there’s more: a few thousand numbers more, to be precise. Because seeing as Pi’s decimal representation never ends or repeats, this designer splash catcher is also emblazoned with its first 4,600 numbers. Getting in a lather whilst memorising a steamy stream of digits has got to be the most fun you can have in the bathroom without fiddling with your protractor.

    The ready-made holes on the Pi Shower Curtain

    Ready-made holes makes
    it easy to install

    A brilliantly quirky gift for mathematicians, science spods and fans of Euclidean geometry (you never know), the Pi Shower Curtain is set to brighten up bathrooms across the nation. Plus, gawping at all those lovely numbers is really rather relaxing. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with it faster than you can say ‘Three point one four one five nine two six five three five eight nine.’ To infinity and beyond? Not quite, but it all adds up to…erm, pass the calculator.

    The Pi symbol on the Pi Shower Curtain

    The Pi symbol appears amongst the numbers

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