Physicool Cooling T-Shirt
  • Physicool Cooling T-Shirt

Physicool Cooling T-Shirt

Stay cool? No sweat

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    Just spray when you are feeling hot

    Sweating is a perfectly natural and effective way to cool down. But that comes as little consolation when you catch your reflection at the gym – hair tousled (and not in the sexy way); clothing stuck to you; face like a boiled ham. But chin up, because there’s now a thoroughly modern way to keep cool when you’re working out.

    The Physicool Cooling T-Shirt has been designed to actively wick moisture away from your skin; delivering it to the fresh air where it can evaporate quickly. Far more effective than a standard cotton T-Shirt, it’s great for keeping cool in the gym, hot weather, or even cramped and stuffy workplaces. But this advanced piece of clothing also has a second trick up its sleeve.


    Each t-shirt comes with coolant spray

    Included with each Cooling T-Shirt is a 250ml bottle of Physicool Coolant Spray. Developed in unison with the T-shirt, this remarkable substance is fast-acting and long-lasting. Just spray it over certain areas on the surface of the T-shirt and it’ll be drawn between the material fibres and into contact with the skin – keeping you cool and comfortable far longer than water. Used together, they’re a great way to stay cool and dry when you’re working out. ‘Another 5K? No sweat!’

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