Physicool Cooling Bandages
  • Physicool Cooling Bandages

Physicool Cooling Bandages

Strap up, cool down

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    Lasts up to 2 hours

    Twists, sprains, pulls, tears, twinges, aches and pains – they all happen from time to time. But the next time you do yourself a mischief, strap it up with Physicool Cooling Bandages. Not only will these specially formulated cotton bandages protect and support your injured area, they’re loaded with Physicool’s incredible cooling gel to ease pain and reduce swelling.

    Just snip the sealed packet, remove the bandage, squeeze out the excess gel and wrap it around the injured area. A velcro strap at the end of the bandage holds everything in place, so there’s no need for safety pins or medical tape. In no time at all you’ll be enjoying the cooling effect of the gel and well on your way to recovery.

    Size A

    Size A – Wrists, knees and ankles

    Size B

    Size B – Elbows, thighs and shoulders

    500ml coolant

    500ml coolant

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