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Photon II

    Photon II

    Shining bright

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      The Photon II is a tiny flashlight, on a key ring, less than an inch long but incredibly powerful. Made from almost-unbreakable polyurethane (scientists tried to break one by doing science stuff on it, but to no avail) it contains a similarly tough LED. It will illuminate your own bit of dark whenever the occasion arises. Kept on a bunch of keys, it is the best small torch of them all. The white-beamed variety illuminates in full colour; in blue, a Photon will naturally make things glow blue.

      The difference between Photon I and Photon II is that 'number two' has a switch that allows the light to be left on permanently. It's a significant difference, because with the Photon II not requiring a hand to operate it, it frees its owner to do two-handed tasks, as it were.

      So there you have it - a virtually unbreakable, incredibly strong torch that weighs less than a £1 coin (Sterling, overseas Firebox fans). Photon is about to make its mark.

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