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Photo and Negative Scanners
  • Photo and Negative Scanners

Photo and Negative Scanners

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    Scan your photos or negatives/slides

    Scan your photos or negatives/slides

    If you’re out of short pants your shelves are probably heaving with old photos, slides and negatives. Yes, you could get a specialist company to digitise them, but do you really want some snooping lab geek to know you wore a Right Said Fred T-shirt to the sixth form ball? Course not. That’s why you need one of our idiot-proof Photo and Negative Scanners.

    These one-touch 5.1MP scanners make digitising precious images a doddle. Simply slip in your photos, negatives or slides and clever electronic tomfoolery will scan and pixellate the trapped images in seconds, leaving you to archive them, burn them to CD, upload them to Facebook or blow them up to cringe at your appalling lack of dress sense. Choose from two versions:

    Pics 2 PC
    Pics 2 PC

    Pics 2 PC connects to your computer via USB

    The Pics 2 PC whooshes cherished pics into your computer via USB. You can then edit, crop and resize them using the included software. It's so easy you'll be converting long-forgotten pics in no time. ‘Yikes, me mullet’s lopsided.’

    Pics 2 SD

    Pics 2 SD Screen and controls Save onto SD card

    No need to use a computer

    Use the screen and controls

    Save your images onto an SD card

    If you can’t be doing with all this computer business, try the standalone Pics 2 SD. As well as doing everything the Pics 2 PC can, this baby will digitise pics on the fly and drop them straight onto any SD card via its built-in slot. No computer required. You can even check out the results on its integrated 3.2-inch colour screen. And if you do decide to USB it into a computer, it doubles up as a handy SD card reader.

    Upload digital pics onto Facebook

    Upload your converted digital pics!

    Both compact scanners feature auto exposure and colour balance, and boast a high quality optical element, enabling you to see zits and bits in all their digitised glory – and those are just the holiday snaps from the Nineties. Think of all the ancient slides and negatives you haven’t held up to the light for years: nan scoffing Spam sarnies, dad dressed as Sonny Crockett, you playing Swingball in your Dangermouse undies…hang on, best bin that one, eh?

    Contents – Pics 2 SD:
    All the bits in the box!

    1) Photo holders (3" x 5", 4" x 6", 5" x 7"), 2) Pics 2 SD, 3) User guide,
    4) USB Cable and Power adapter, 5) Film holder, 6) Slide holder

    Please note: Pics 2 PC product comes with the same contents except the USB Power adapter and controls/screen/SD card slot on the main unit

    More detail and specification