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Photo Cube Smartphone Printer
  • Photo Cube Smartphone Printer

Photo Cube Smartphone Printer

From phone to frame in 60secs

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    Many home printers profess to being photo-quality and some of the inkjet ones come close. But close is no cigar! Because trumping these bulky wannabes, the Photo Cube Smartphone Printer uses dye sublimation; producing high quality prints to rival your local print shop. And best of all, it prints them directly from your iPad, iPhone or Android device! Now that’s easier than running your freshly burned CD down to Boots.

    iPhone App

    Choose your pic
    and how you want it printed

    Printing the photo

    Watch it print infront of your eyes

    Glossy 6 x 4

    Glossy 6 x 4" prints

    Using with an iPad

    Use with an iPad vie USB

    At 17.5cm x 15cm it’s significantly more compact than your average home printer; with a footprint small enough to fit on any office desk or workstation. Plug your iPhone or iPod in the top, or connect an iPad or Android device via USB and it’ll even charge your gadgets as it’s working!

    The Photo Cube app is free to download and a doddle to use. Simply connect your smartphone to the Photo Cube, fire up the app and follow the step by step instructions. And when you’re ready, just hit print! In less than a minute you’ll have a glossy 6 x 4” (standard size) photo. Print a single image at a time, or break up the 6 x 4 space into passport-sized photos. You can even fit several images on the same print.

    Compact cartridge

    Compact cartridge is loaded with paper and ink

    A compact cartridge is loaded with both photo paper and ink. Once you’ve clipped it into position there’s virtually no maintenance required – so no flashing ink warnings and no paper jams. Just 36 clear and colourful prints. When the paper runs out, simply swap the cartridge for a new one and you’re ready to go again. And thanks to the intuitive app you can make sure that every single photo you print is a corker.

    So no more traipsing to your local Snobby Snaps to have your photos developed. With the Photo Cube Smartphone Printer you can run off your favourite pics one by one in half the time. Say ‘cheese!’

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