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Photo Coasters
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Photo Coasters

My mug, your face

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    Cutting out photo to slide into the coaster

    Cut your photo into a 7cm square and slip into the coaster

    We wouldn’t normally advocate plonking hot drinks and wine glasses on a relative’s face, but in the case of this smart quartet of coasters we’re willing to make an exception. In fact thanks to Photo Coasters you can put drinks on anyone (or thing) you fancy.

    Simply slip your favourite photos in these stylish bevelled glass/metal framed coasters and Bob’s your uncle – or is that Auntie Beryl on a bad hair day? Whatever. The point is you can display photos and protect precious surfaces at the same time. If photos aren’t your thing, why not pop in tickets, notes and other memorabilia.

    The four coasters with four different personal photos in

    Create your own beautiful Coaster gallery

    Placing a mug on the photo coaster
    A perfect gift, you can personalise Photo Coasters before presenting them: pictures of the kids for grandparents, holiday snaps, old wedding photos for mum and dad, a set of ex-wives for your bothersome brother, shots of you trapped inside the coasters, General Zod style – the possibilities are endless. Sorry nan, it’s time for tea.

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