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Phone Racer

    Phone Racer

    Gives a new meaning to 'Car Phone'

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      The mighty mobile phone has revolutionised the way we communicate, but it can hardly be described as a pocketful of fun. Alright, so most mobiles now contain a few basic games, and videophones are currently all the rage, but who really wants to develop myopia squinting at a teensy screen, or have the boss catch sight of the optics rack behind your head whilst you attempt to describe the severity of your symptoms?


      The point is, most innovations in the world of telephony focus (quite rightly) on the business of communicating. Which is exactly why the truly astounding Phone Racer is such a landmark in peripheral playthings. This smart little RC sports car is controlled via your mobile. No, we're not losing our signal, you read it right the first time – simply plug the mini transmitter into the hands-free socket on your phone, turn the keypad tones up to max volume and your mobile is instantly transformed into a fully operational RC handset!

      car and phone

      The 2,4,6 and 8 keys control left/right/forward/backward movements whilst pressing the 7 key throws the car into a nifty figure of eight worthy of Burt Reynolds. Hitting 0 brings the car to an abrupt stop. As you can see, Mobile Phone Racer is no slouch in the manoeuvrability department - you can even program up to 16 of your own pre-set motions into the memory! The fact that the thumb has now superseded the index finger in terms of being the most utilised digit means that anyone who's relatively handy at texting will be able to pull off some pretty cool moves straight away.

      transmitter closeup

      As well as being phenomenally entertaining and groundbreakingly portable, Phone Racer is a great way to make friends and influence people, especially in the ongoing battle of mobile one-upmanship. Just imagine the looks of consternation as you whip out your mobile, attach the transmitter and proceed to pull off a series of impressive vehicular manoeuvres.

      car in action

      With a range of up to 3 metres, the Phone Racer is also great for annoying workmates - they'll go barmy trying to work out who's controlling the little blighter, whilst you casually appear to be texting a pal. We believe the Phone Racer is going to be a staggering success, so come on; we really wanna see those fingersÂ…and thumbs! Gentlemen, charge your mobiles!

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