Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum
  • Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum
  • Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum
  • Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum
  • Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum
  • Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum
  • Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum

Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum

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Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum
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  • A mythical spirit to infuse some ancient magic into the modern world
  • Resurrect the fabled powers of this majestic creature
  • Be reborn with all of its confidence and grandeur
  • Contains real shimmering Phoenix tears with an opalescent lustre
  • Created by Firebox
Ve - Suitable for Vegans


Welcome to our latest fantastical creation: Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum – a mythical alcoholic manifestation of this ancient beast and all of its legendary powers.

We've bottled their sorrowful syrup and produced this legendary elixir so that you too can invoke all of their extraordinary magic. Leave your old life behind, sip upon these Phoenix tears and resurrect yourself with all of its confidence, beauty and grandeur – and in some rare cases, its glorious crest feathers.

Like its fabled stablemate Unicorn Tears Gin, our closely-guarded extraction methods will remain a mystery for now. Just know that we've the mixed their tears into a premium Caribbean Rum carrying aromas of brown sugar and dried fruit blended with natural cinnamon and ginger to give it a sweet and spicy flavour. It's the missing mythical ingredient in your liquor cabinet.

Just give the bottle a shake and lose yourself as the shimmering golden embers swirl through an opalescent cosmos of dark and mysterious rum.
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22 Reviews

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  • "Bought it for my brother in law for his birthday and he has been peeing glitter ever since!"
    - 27th of June, 2019
  • "I wish my pet cockatoo cried tears of rum"
    - 20th of March, 2019
  • "We brought this in the office as a birthday friend for a friend as she said she tried it at a festival, she loved it. Perfect gift idea"
    - 8th of February, 2019
  • " Excellent service.packing and fast delivery it was very well received and appreciated"
    - 7th of January, 2019
  • "Quite expensive.. however just love the glitter, it's so different and perfect for a rum lover"
    - 9th of November, 2018