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Pet's Eye View Camera
  • Pet's Eye View Camera

Pet's Eye View Camera

What’s your animal up to?

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    Cat looking at a goldfish

    What's your pet doing when you're at work?

    As seen on... The Jonathan Ross When you’re sitting at work, we all reckon that the dog has a better life. Until now, there’s been no way to find out if this is actually true, or just the ramblings of stress. Does your canine pal spend the day napping on your armchair, or is he firing up the Xbox and slaying space marines, drinking your beers and calling in rabbit pizzas? OK, so the last bit is probably the stress talking. But don’t you want to know for sure? The Pet’s Eye View Camera is how you find out.

    Attach it to your pet's collar

    Attach it to your pet's collar

    It’s a lightweight digital camera that attaches to your furry friend’s collar, and takes photos at timed intervals of five, ten or fifteen minutes. You’ll be able to see just what they’ve been getting up to, from the mundane (eating, sleeping) to the bizarre (sniffing the cat’s particulars, chasing flies across the kitchen).

    Great on cats!

    Great on mischievous
    cats and dogs!

    The internal memory can store up to 40 snaps, so you’ll have a whole album’s worth of memories to share with your friends. Although you might want to edit out the less hygienic ones for public consumption. Best of all, the shots blow up to 6” by 4”, perfect for framing and putting on the mantelpiece. Or even turning into Christmas cards for your family, just as long as your family love the sight of an upturned bin and a dog’s tongue scooping out the last flecks of custard from the packet.


    Compatible with Macs and PCs, the Pet’s Eye View Camera links to your computer with a USB cable for simple downloading, and contains a rechargeable battery for endless photographic larks.

    Perfect size

    Perfect size!

    We’ve been using ours with interest and seeing what office mascot Firedog has been up to in the warehouse when we’re hard at work. The results are surprising. So far we’ve got evidence of the wayward hound spraying himself with Sex Panther cologne and making advances towards a container full of Emu puppets. He’s even been messing about with our Lucky Voice Karaoke sets too. If only this thing had sound, we could have caught him baying along to DuranDuran’s Hungry Like The Wolf. Well, we assume that’s what he must have been singing. He made short work out of eating the microphone, anyway.

    What's the Firedog been up to?


    Making new friends

    Sausage mystery solved!

    Convincing the office cat to pull out wires

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