Summer Sale 2018
Petron Wooden Target Stand
  • Petron Wooden Target Stand

Petron Wooden Target Stand

Got a bow? Make a stand!

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    In days of old, archers would force village idiots to hold their targets for them as they practised. Come to think of it, village idiots probably were their targets. But times change and these days owners of Petron bows fire their arrows at paper targets and big foam blocks. The trouble is you can’t always find a tree, fence or toothless medieval dimwit upon which to lean them. Enter the Petron Wooden Target Stand.

    Designed to accommodate various archery targets, this fold flat wooden stand opens up easel style, so you can set up your very own arrow-whooshing firing range in seconds. Perfect for those moments when the trees of Sherwood Forest are not to hand. Ready, aim, fire!

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