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Petron Leisure Bow
  • Petron Leisure Bow

Petron Leisure Bow

Don’t be a sucker

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    The contents of the Petron Leisure Bow Kit

    The bow, two arrows, an armguard, finger tab, quiver and target

    Blasters and catapults are all very amusing but they rather miss the point (ouch!), especially when you compare them to traditional bows – and we’re not talking about sucker-firing bits of plastic and elastic, we’re talking about the awesome pointy arrow firing Petron Leisure Bow.

    Designed to get wannabe Robin Hoods up and running, this high quality left or right handed fibreglass bow comes complete with everything you need to become a genuine archer, including two arrows, an armguard, finger tab, quiver and target. The only things missing are the silly green tights, overweight sidekick and whimsical lute plucking.

    Available in two sizes, 112cm for 10-15 year olds, and 130cm for adults (well 15+), the Petron is a fantastic introduction to the world of genuine arrow slinging. Indeed it makes rival bows look like proper suckers. Fire!

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