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Petron Compound Bows
  • Petron Compound Bows

Petron Compound Bows

Makes pulling easy!

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    Pulley-system reduces effort

    When did bows become cool? We’re not entirely sure but we reckon it was around the time compound bows appeared – you know, the mean-looking ones that utilise a pulley system to reduce the effort required to hold the string at full draw, hence allowing the archer more time to aim. Oh all right, they’re the ones Rambo uses to skewer hapless extras. Cool or what!

    Yes folks, these powerful fibreglass Petron Compound Bows are perfect for first-time compound archers, and their quality design makes hitting long distance targets easier than donning a bandana. You’ll wonder what you ever saw in traditional bows. Each bow comes with fibreglass arrows and various accessories. Choose from three models of increasing length and draw weight: Youth, Light Adult and Adult.

    Compound Bows available:

    Youth fibre Glass Compound Bow Light Adult Adult


    Light Adult


    Whichever bow you go for we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the distance, power and accuracy you can achieve without ripping your arm out of its socket or pulling a face like Rambo attached to a car battery. Now all you need is a target, a mullet and a Congressional Medal of Honour. Doinggg!

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