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Petal Drops
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Petal Drops

Only happy when it rains

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    Another Quirky product

    Fits neatly onto the bottle top

    Collecting rainwater makes perfect sense, but why do it with some ugly old bucket when you can use a few Petal Drops? Socially developed by our idea-hugging friends at, these 100% recycled flower-shaped funnels screw onto any standard threaded bottle, channelling water inside. Clever, eh?

    Yes, we know it rains all the time in dear old Blighty but you can use the collected rainwater to feed thirsty houseplants, fill your water pistol or refresh rain-dodging window boxes without bothering the tap. Besides, you were going to chuck those empty plastic bottles anyway.


    Recycle plastic bottles

    As well as their practical, planet-hugging uses, Petal Drops will add a suitably quirky look wherever you choose to place them. Buy a load and your garden will resemble some kind of eco-friendly art installation – or a nightmare vision of the future when plastic petals have replaced real ones due to your wanton water wastage. Flower power? Not ‘alf!

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