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Pet Trees
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Pet Trees

Is that a tree in your pocket?

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    There are loads of things you can hang from your keyring apart from keys: leather fobs, electronic gizmos, fuzzy trolls - the list is endless. But we bet you've never considered attaching a tree (if you have, how's life on top of that beanstalk?). For starters, trees are a bit, big, aren't they? And wouldn't it be a little awkward trying to open the front door with a real tree in tow? Well no, not if it's a Pet Tree.

    Pet Trees Pet Trees are the latest craze from Japan, and, like most innovations from the Land of the Rising Sun, they're incredibly small. Basically each Pet Tree is a real tree (well, mini-plant) inside a tiny plastic bell jar with a keyring attachment. A bit like a mini-me bonsai encased within a Lilliputian bio-dome.

    Apart from a little TLC all you have to do to keep your pipsqueak of a plant healthy is water it every couple of weeks by placing the container in a saucer of water for a few minutes. As you nurture your Pet Tree it will grow inside its durable little container until it becomes big enough to be removed and planted.

    Pet Trees According to our arboreally-aware contacts in the Far East, each supremely portable Pet Tree symbolises a different strength and characteristic, so you can choose one to suit your (or your recipient's) mood. We're currently stocking two varieties of Pet Tree: Victo, a cactus for luck and victory; and Rance, a cactus that symbolises unchanging love and courage.

    Pet Trees

    Although they're only tiny we think Pet Trees are going to be absolutely huge, because having a living, growing thing dangling about your person is a strangely satisfying feeling and represents a great way to get into horticulture without really trying. In fact, we think Pet Trees make the combined efforts of Alan Titchmarsh and Diarmuid Gavin look positively pathetic. So come on, in case you haven't twigged (boom-boom), it's time to get ordering your Pet Tree or you really will be stumped!

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