Pet Head Spray

    Pet Head Spray

    Spray, delay, go out and play

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      Keep your pet clean and smelling lovely – without the stress and hassle of a bath – with Pet Head Spray. Nothing gives a deep clean like a proper shampoo and hose-down, but these handy sprays are invaluable for a super fast wash and brush up; especially if you’re on the move.

      Dry Clean treats your dog’s coat to a quick clean, removing much of the dirt and grime that collects on it without the need for shampoo. Just spray this specially-developed no rinse formula over their coat and brush it through. It’s the ideal way to keep them clean and tidy between baths.

      Poof Magical is a handy spray for magically banishing bad odours. Perfect to keep your dog clean and fresh at all times, Poof Magical actively eliminates the source of the smell, rather than masking it with perfume. So now you and your pet can enjoy a day out in the car without getting hot wafts of biscuits from the back. Now, if only they made the same thing for people...

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