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Pet Head Shampoo

    Pet Head Shampoo

    Because they’re worth it

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      We humans don’t all use the same shampoo, so why should our pets? Thanks to the squeaky clean folk at Pet Head you can now treat your pampered pooch to one of three unique treatments.

      More than just a range of different-smelling suds, Pet Head Shampoo gets to the root of three crucial pet problems: Life’s an Itch soothes the skin irritation caused by insect bites and dry skin – a huge relief in the Summer when they spend longer outdoors. Dirty Talk gets to grips with strong odours. Rather than masking them with pet-friendly perfumes, this unique formula actually neutralises the source of the odours for a longer lasting effect. Finally, Quickie Quick is brilliant for giving your pet a quick once-over. Easy to lather and specially-developed to rinse off quickly, it’s a great way to freshen your pet without the hoopla of a deep clean (and hours of tidying up).

      Armed with this handy collection you can keep your pet fresh and clean no matter where they’ve been (or what they’ve rolled in).

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