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Pet Cactus Keyring

Pocket-sized Prickles

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Pet Cactus Keyring
Love it as much as we do?
  • Grow your own dinky little Snowball cactus
  • Cuter and less needy than a dog or a cat
  • Covered in white spines and sprouts pink flowers as it grows
  • Can survive for a month with no water or sunlight
Real pets are hard work – you want the Pet Cactus Keyring. It's cuter, less needy and it won't stain the carpet.

Within this miniature plastic capsule resides a real, living cactus known as the Snowball Cactus (or Mammilloydia), so-called because it's covered in densely-packed white spines. Once this prickly chap outgrows the keyring you can liberate and re-plant him in a larger pot – he'll then start to sprout some lovely pink flowers.

'How do water this encapsulated cacti?' we hear you cry. Just dip the base in a bowl of water for a couple of minutes every couple of weeks, though this resilient little guy can actually survive for over a month with no water or sunlight.
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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Cactus Jack is my new best friend, so adorable and I can't wait to watch him grow up."
    Caladrie - 29th of March, 2017
  • "Supee cute. Bought it for myself but lost it to my girlfriend as soon as she saw it "
    Lauren - 29th of December, 2016
  • "Awesomeness...pure awesomeness "
    James - 28th of December, 2016