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Pet Breath Fresheners
  • Pet Breath Fresheners

Pet Breath Fresheners

Say goodbye to pongy pet breath

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    Despite their unrivalled cuddleability (a new word, we thinks) the vast majority of dogs have got breath like, er, dogs. Still, so would you if you spent all day eating tinned food and licking things you shouldn't. Of course we tend to excuse our furry friends' bad breath because they're so darned cute. But wouldn't it be great if your pet's breath was fabulously fresh and free of foul fragrance? Well now it can be. (And no, we're not suggesting you slip a capful of mouthwash in the water dish).

    Breath Freshners What we are suggesting is that you get your paws on some Yip Yap Breath Fresheners for Dogs. These ingenious little bone and fish-shaped treats have been specially formulated using natural ingredients such as rosemary, parsley and green tea extract, and they'll give your pet beautifully fresh breath in an instant.

    Breath Freshners Just think, no more wincing, retching or nose-holding when your doggie comes close. Yip Yaps really do work.

    Breath Freshners Of course, Yip Yaps would be totally useless if pets didn't like 'em, but they really do. In fact, they love them. That's because each and every delicious treat contains cooked liver. And you can't beat a nice bit of internal organ to whet a pet's appetite. There are no special feeding instructions either - just give them to your four-legged friends as you would any other treat.

    Conveniently packaged in a smart little tin (shake it and pets come running) Yip Yaps can be taken anywhere, and are ideal for freshening the breath of any type of dog. Now if only they made them for humans.

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