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Personalised Superhero Action Figures
  • Personalised Superhero Action Figures

Personalised Superhero Action Figures

Superize me

Important Information:
Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for manufacture. Delivery times vary, see more information on Direct Despatch products.
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    Close up of the head

    You can be a super hero!

    Who is the secretive soul behind Batman’s cowl, Superman’s curl, and Wonder Woman’s enormous pants? Forget Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Diana Prince – now you can play the alter ego of everyone’s favourite comic book characters. And you don’t even need a convincing origin story.

    With the Personalised Superhero Action Figures you can be the head on those buff shoulders. All you need are a couple of photos and some basic DIY skills. Indeed, this build-it-yourself kit is so simple even a befuddled Hulk could manage it.

    Simply click Buy. Then follow these instructions to take two photos of your face: one from the front and one from the side (smiling, scowling, winking... make any face you like!). Then upload the pictures and confirm your order. Easy as leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

    How does the 3D printing work?
    Front and side head photos

    We use 2 photos that you send us

    Taking off the figure original head

    Scan it into our 1980s style software

    Fixing the head on

    Then out pops a mini version of you

    Then, like Batman on a rooftop, all you have to do is wait. Using advanced 3D printing technology your photographs will be turned into a fully-formed 3D version of your noggin – including eye colour, skin tone, hair style (or as close as possible) and hair colour. Accurate? It’ll be like looking in a teaspoon.

    In no time at all your Personalised Superhero Action Figure kit will arrive. Which is when you leap into action! Using a highly unscientific process, you’ll pop off your chosen action figure’s head and attach your own 3D printed one. With all the essential tools included in the box, you can attach it permanently or just temporarily (while the kids are out). And as you might have guessed, because this DIY kit uses existing action figures, you can fit your 3D noggin to any same-sized ones you can find!

    Front and side head photos

    Email us a front and side shot of your head
    (Download our guidelines PDF)

    3D head scanning technology

    Take the figures original head off (run under the hot tap to make this task easier)

    Printed head

    Now fix your head into place using white tack and glue

    High-tech, heroic and potentially hilarious, Personalised Superhero Action Figures make a great gift for friends, family or workmates. They’ll even stand proud and upright; to remind you (and others), who you really are.

    To be continued...
    Return information:

    Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info.

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    3 Reviews

    Average 4.5/5 stars
    • "It looked better than I could have imagine!!! It was a little difficult to attach the head but once it was done it look spot. Thank you!!!"
      Michelle - 28th of September, 2015
    • "The action figure was marvellous! The 3D printed head was creepily uncanny, loved it! The head removal however was ridiculously difficult."
      Ashtyn - 30th of July, 2015
    • "I had low expectations on this order but sufficiently intrigued to risk being disapointed. It turned out to be Brilliant, better than those illustrated."
      James - 28th of April, 2015