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Personalised London Street Sign
  • Personalised London Street Sign

Personalised London Street Sign

Get the London look

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    Abbey Road. Park Lane. Carnaby Street. Saville Row. London isn’t just a city – it’s a giant hotchpotch of world-famous places, connected one after the next. And where any two meet, you’ll always find one of London’s iconic street signs. Well, that’s if some light-fingered oik hasn’t pinched it already. After all, they make very popular mementoes for tourists and revellers at four in the morning.

    metal sign

    Proper metal sign with holes punched in the corners

    Close up of vinyl sticker on the Personalised London Street Sign

    Vinyl sticker

    Putting up on a wall

    Why not!

    Well we’ve found a way to put an end to all of this antisocial sign snaffling. Forget risking the long arm of the law and build yourself a Personalised London Street Sign. Completely customisable, these authentic-looking signs are made in the very same factory as the ones appearing on London’s streets. Build a collection of your favourite London places, or do what we do and make a few up! Just click here to give it a go yourself.

    Personalised London Street Sign

    Simply type in your super cool idea for a London Street Sign

    Andy Stafford with his Personalised London Street Sign

    Our very own Andy Stafford
    with his version!

    Personalised London Street Sign in the street

    Poking some fun at the local graffiti

    Made in exactly the same way as the real thing, Personalised London Street Signs are hard-wearing and weatherproof. And with a ready-made hole in each corner they’re easy to mount either inside or outside. Hang them on your bedroom wall, in the bathroom, around your office, in the garden or even on top of existing street signs (of course you shouldn’t do that. What are we saying?). They’re a brilliant memento for any native Londoner, or distant admirer. And it means those people on Penny Lane won’t keep getting woken up at four AM.
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