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Personalised Heritage Signs
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Personalised Heritage Signs

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    Hang up the prestigious plaque

    Hands up who’s been to London. All of us? Well not quite. But anyone familiar with its cobbled streets, permafog and tap-dancing cockney orphans will also know about English Heritage’s blue plaques. Like a low-tech foursquare, these eye-catching circles can be found all over the city, pointing out historical buildings where famous and influential people have lived, died, and written ‘Love Me Do’. Notable examples include the one-time home of Charles Babbage (1791-1871), inventor of the programmable computer; John Logie Baird (1888-1946), television pioneer; and Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970), who could make a terrific sandwich.


    No one can take Andy's seat now

    But why limit ourselves to only celebrating larger-than-life Londoners? We believe that anywhere outstanding achievements are made, an iconic Heritage plaque should commemorate it! Indeed, thanks to Personalised Heritage Signs you can make a blue plaque that’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

    Made in the same factory and from the same materials, these rugged all-weather signs are the perfect way to bring a bit of British History to your garden, home or office space – not to mention show off your remarkable contributions to society. That, or just do as we do and invent your own historical figures.

    Personalised Heritage Sign

    Available in embossed polyurethane version (left), or laser cut aluminium version with vinyl printed decal (right).

    Personalised Heritage Signs are available in two styles. Choose from the laser cut sheet aluminium plaque with a weatherproof printed vinyl decal, or (for a truly official feel) your very own one-off moulded polyurethane plaque with embossed details. Both are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and feature holes for screwing to walls, fences or monuments. The polyurethane plaque even comes with a handy bag of screws and rawl plugs.

    Some fun examples:
    embossing close up

    Make your plaque really stand
    out with the embossed version

    How does it work? Just hit the Buy button and fill in the details you’d like to feature on your plaque. Just like English Heritage’s signs, your info will be laid out in the most authentic way possible and despatched to you quick snap. Easy!

    Mirroring the iconic design that dates as far back as World War II, Personalised Heritage Signs are the perfect pick-me-up for homesick Brits – or anyone who’s feeling a little underappreciated. Plus, they make a great housewarming or parting gift. Indeed, with over 850 of the genuine articles already dotted around London, isn’t it time you made your mark?
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