Personalised Festival Poster
  • Personalised Festival Poster

Personalised Festival Poster

Who's your head-liner?

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    Ever fantasised about that one perfect line-up? Maybe it was inspired by a great gig, or the rose-tinted ramblings of an ‘alternative’ uncle, or perhaps you just can’t stop listening to that old LP you found in the basement. Well now you have the chance to immortalise your ultimate festival line-up with Personalised Festival Posters.

    Personalised Festival Poster

    Country themed

    Personalised Festival Poster

    Dance themed

    Personalised Festival Poster

    Rock themed

    Depending on your preferred festival style, simply select from one of three terrific designs, name your festival and then make the all-important choices. Which five acts would make your line-up? Extravagant riders and outrageous backstage shenanigans are not your concern. They can be living or dead, talented or talentless, separated due to ‘artistic differences’; they don’t even need to be musicians. It’s your Festival.

    Can we get a big, (insert your festival name here) welcome for…

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