Personalised Facebook Playing Cards
  • Personalised Facebook Playing Cards

Personalised Facebook Playing Cards

Gamble with your friends

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    have fun selecting cards for your friends

    Who's your Queen of hearts
    or the Joker in your pack?

    Everybody loves playing card games. Whether you’re in a high-stakes poker night with mates, a heavy-handed game of snap or just patiently playing with yourself; cards never get old.

    Well, actually they do, and having used the same ‘traditional’ style cards since the first time someone cried ‘go fish!’ we think it’s time for a change. Besides, we’re getting pretty sick of the way Jack stares out at us with his big, judgemental eyes; and could the Queen look any less enthusiastic? Well, put that old school pack of depressed royals to one side, there’s a new deck in town. The personalised Facebook Playing Cards.

    How to make your own cards:
    search bar

    Find your friends using our app

    select more

    Select 54 of your Facebook friends

    rearrange the faces

    Select specific cards for each friend

    Utilizing their Facebook profile picture, you simply assign each of your chosen friends to a card; whether they’re a lucky number seven, a joker or a queen… of hearts. Designed in house by our expert team, the personalisation process is simple and the cards are top quality.

    Deal us in.
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