Personalised Daily Mirror Cover
  • Personalised Daily Mirror Cover

Personalised Daily Mirror Cover

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    Personalised Daily Mirror Cover

    Personalised Daily Mirror Cover
    Gift tin

    Getting on the front page of the Daily Mirror isn’t as easy as you might think. Yes, you can instigate an illegal war, check in to the Priory or show everyone your knickers outside Chinawhite, but that’s far too much like hard work. Worse still, the entire nation will know you’re a pranny. No, tabloid fans, the answer is to purchase a Personalised Daily Mirror Cover.

    As you’ve probably guessed, this is your chance to appear in one of Britain’s best loved red tops and create your very own spooftastic headline story, featuring any name and picture you fancy. You won’t even have to call Max Clifford or get off with Jodie Marsh. Which is nice.

    Upon ordering you’ll receive a smart tin containing an order form/online code so you can customise your stories – front and back page – just like a genuine editor. There are several headlines to choose from, including Footballer of the Year, Wimbledon Win, New Prime Minister, Christmas Number One and more.

    Before you can say ‘Front bench MP in kebab shop rumpus!’ you’ll receive an officially-licensed spoof newspaper, complete with totally fabricated story and photo. Choose from two options:

    Daily Mirror Spoof Newspaper in Presentation Folder: a single front cover (which you can share with friends or frame) and a duplicate sheet in a presentation folder.

    Daily Mirror Spoof Newspaper Book and Cover Wrap: a spoof newspaper presented in a beautiful glossy book, containing your headline story and over 40 pages of genuine Mirror headlines. Also included is a four-page newspaper cover containing your personalised paper and other authentic news stories. The cover can be wrapped around a Mirror paper to make it even more realistic.

    Both options make superb gifts for countless special occasions. And if you know any fame-hungry wannabes (and who doesn’t?) now’s your chance to save them from becoming genuine tabloid fodder. So hurry up and read all about it; it’s time we made our excuses and left!

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