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Personalised Classics Gift Pack
  • Personalised Classics Gift Pack

Personalised Classics Gift Pack

Britney’s Adventures in Wonderland!

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Personalised Classic Novels take approximately 28 days to print after registration


    Gift Box

    Personalised book with gift box

    Buying a classic novel is all very worthy, but let’s be honest, the chances of you reading it are about zero. But what if you were the star of the book and your friends and relatives played supporting roles? Now you’re talking!

    Thanks to Personalised Classics you could soon be reading Amanda’s Adventures in Wonderland, Rodney and Julie or Shamus Holmes. The process is elementary, dear reader: upon ordering you’ll receive an elegant gift box containing an order form that lets you change the names of up to six leading characters in your chosen book. You can even write a personal dedication and read the story behind the novel you're about to star in.

    Before you know it you’ll receive a uniquely tweaked edition of a literary classic. Choose from Romeo and Juliet, Robin Hood, The Hound of the Baskervilles or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    Elegant gift box

    Elegant gift box

    Just think, it could be you following the yellow brick road while your mother-in-law screams ‘I’m melting’, your dad getting hot and heavy with those saucy Bennet sisters, or your mate Phil getting seduced by Count Dracula’s wanton vampires!

    You’ll never tire of seeing familiar names seamlessly incorporated into a classic novel. ‘O Reginald, Reginald! Wherefore art thou Reginald?’ Who knows, you might even learn to appreciate the brilliant prose that made your book a classic in the first place.

    Stunningly original gifts for narcissistic bookworms and anyone who fancies seeing their name in print, Personalised Classics will become cherished possessions, read and re-read for years to come. ‘What's in a name?’ asked Shakespeare. Quite a lot, we reckon.

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